Odegaard art + design, a storefront space in downtown Naples, FL, is now serving as both a studio and exhibition space for my own work.  Eventually, it may also include the work of other artists and colleagues a well. 

Having recently relocated to Naples from NYC (where I worked as an artist and designer for 35 years), I see this new studio as a kind of laboratory to further explore the creative territory that has always interested me -- the crossover area or “boundary waters” where art and design meet, blend, and basically get all mixed up together. 

There are two themes that have always run side-by-side in my work. First, the exploration of color through the use of stripes in painting, and second, the exploration of the totemic form in sculptural assemblages (both functional and nonfunctional).  These two avenues are what largely define the work that is currently going on at Odegaard art + design. 



As a lover of stripes, it is no surprise that I find inspiration in the work of artists such as Sean Scully, Gene Davis, Bridget Riley, Morris Lewis and Sol Lewitt, all of which is defined by use of the stripe as a formal element.  In my paintings (or “color studies, as I call them), the stripe serves as a vehicle to consider, examine and explore the infinite nuances of color and color relationships.  The possibilities are, for me, exhilarating and seemingly inexhaustible. 



My decades-long preoccupation with the totemic form has recently produced a series of quirky little sculptures -- assemblages made up of found and fabricated materials.  In the largely intuitive process of “putting together” and “taking apart,” each piece finds its own identity or character as they come together, and they often take onhumanoid qualities and distinctive personalities that completely surprise me.  

The expectation for Odegaard art + design is to become a contributor to and colleague of the art and cultural community of Naples; to produce work and show work for the art lover and collector; and to collaborate with interior designers to bring original artwork into people’s homes.  


Dez Ryan Odegaard